Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some quick commentary on NBC Nightly News: Where are the jobs?

Below is a link to an NBC Nightly News segment in which I appeared. There are jobs out there in all major industries; however, in many industries, the number of openings is one-third to one-half the level at the start of the recession.

The lower number of openings means that we have to really rely on personal networks. It means potentially having to relocate, increase the length of our commutes, accept an entry level job, and most likely search longer to uncover opportunties. While doing this, you might consider volunteering at your local United Way or favorite organization. It is a way to help those that may face even greater challenges than you or your friends, but also network at the same time.

The current labor market as a "bad" game of musical chairs. During the first part of the recession, the number of people that wanted to play the game increased, but the growth in the number of chairs (job openings) failed to to keep pace with new gamers. In recent months, the number of chairs (job openings) has been pulled from the game, representing layoffs.

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